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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's Been a Long Time...

I know, I know, it is with some embarassment that I once again take up my keyboard, and foray into the world of blogging. Is anyone still out there? LOL! Anyway, So much has happened since my last post, that I don't even know where to start. The nature of my job, project manager for a consulting firm, is such that I have to work 60 hour weeks from November through January. This year, I had to work even longer hours, because I was invited to travel to Nepal for a client in December, and had to squeeze two extra 60 hour work weeks in sometime else. Wait..., it gets better! At the eleventh hour (literally!), the client called to say that no one from their company could make the trip, but since I already had the ticket, I may as well go. And, they would pay for a traveling companion of my choice!! So, I guess this first post will be about that trip. Let me just preface it with the following:

Yup, it's like that!

Anyway, I was able to clear the time off with my younger sister's (Deborah's) boss, and we managed to get Deb's flights (for two days later). We left from Boston on an all-night flight to London on Friday. From there, after a layover of about 5 hours, we went on to Doha, Qatar. It was about a three hour layover, there. Our final flight to Kathmandu lasted an agonizing five hours (after a short stop in Bahrain during which we didn't deplane). The only real drama that occured during the trip was that in Doha, the airline was going to refuse to let Deborah fly because she hadn't received a paper ticket. We had booked that part of the flight on Thursday night, and left on Friday. I just love the efficiency of Qatar Air!! My dilemma, at the airport, do I stay or do I go? (Just kidding). We finally had to buy another ticket for her (the only seat open being "business class", of course), and made the final leg.

It took us 27 hours from Boston to Kathmandu. Tired, hungry, and bedraggled, we were greeted at the airport by the owner of the business we were investigating. He had brought one car for us, and one for our luggage. Unfortunately, our luggage had decided to stay the night in Doha because it was too tired to make the rest of the trip. Have I mentioned how much I love Qatar Air! Once we were at the hotel, it was about 2-3:00pm then, we went to bed, and slept the blissful sleep of the exhausted traveler for the next fourteen hours.

Our next exciting edition.... Visiting the country!


Blogger M. Alexander said...

Let me just say that Qatar is pronounced

Ka Tar and not Cutter.

Thank you.

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