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I know how you have to live inside yourself, isolate yourself because emotionally and mentally you have no equals here. How, more often than not, you have to compromise your thinking just to be understood. How you long for someone with the capacity to meet you where you live. On your level. (credit: Lawrence Hertzog)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Following is the transcript of a letter that the father of our company president wrote to his mother, after she had been informed that he was "missing in action." The letter is dated "November 22, 1944."

Dear Mom,

This is the first chance I have had to write since being a POW. I suppose you were quite worried when you received word from the govt. that I was missing in action, well now your worries are over for the duration. I am find and in good health. The Germans treateded us fine. I guess the good lord has been with me all right and taken care of me or else I have the luck of a cat. The red cross really does a grand job for the POW. They supply us with new clothes and all the toilet articles you can use and best of all are the food parcels. They really hit the spot. About sending me parcels I believe you can send me all yo uwant (5 lb), but you better contact the red cross and fined [sic] out for sure. Things I want are: fruit cakes, candy, gum, pancake mix, pudding mix, ect. [sic] and plenty of ciggeretts [sic] they are use for money over here. Be writting [sic] next week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love to all,

I don't know how much of the letter was coerced, but it sure is a lot different than the kind of thing you hear from a lot of teenagers, today. Check out this story.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Persistent Vegitative State" - those chilling words used to describe Terri Schiavo (by those who wanted to kill her), and to describe Senate and Congressional Democrats (by anyone whose brain is fully functioning). The condition is described here. Because Terri Schiavo's husband, and other members of the Hemlock Society, wanted her dead, the condition was described as incurable (which is still no justification for murder, and echoes the Nazi disregard for life). However, even that "justification" is weakened with the news that researchers in South Africa may have found a drug that reverses a vegetative state, at least temporarily. This research may lead to something more permanent in the way of a cure. One would hope that this discovery would stay the hands of the executioners intent on starving people to death, or injecting them with lethal doses of pain killers. Too bad it's too late for Terri. (photo: Courtesy of ).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jeb Bush and the NFL:
It's like peanut butter and chocolate without the calories, pizza and beer without the tab, Reagan and JPII (nothing bad there)... Rumor has it that JB has been approached to consider the position of Commissioner of the NFL. Football, the one sport where the men are men, and women aren't...

Border problems?
It's worse than we thought... Click Here.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Remember when Hollywood wasn't sooo Dense?
My Sister-in-law forwarded this clip to me. Bob Hope, tellin' it like it is: one of the greatest, wouldn't you say?

With hymns of praise to honor Our Lady, the brothers and sisters, as well as the school children, followed by members of the Third Order and the faithful processed to the shrines of Our Lady on the monastary grounds to crown the statues with May flowers. The procession was led by three altar boys carrying the crucifix and candles. Followed by the flower girls, casting rose petals before the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.At each shrine, a decade of the rosary was said.
The girls from the Senior class, accompanied by an honor guard, carried flowered wreaths with which they crowned the the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the statues of Our Lady at the four shrines.

There is something truly beautiful about children paying tribute to our Lady in this way. The pictures say it all:

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Aftermath of the flood
It was a dark and stormy night. Then it was a dark and stormy day. Then it was another dark and stormy night; followed by another dark and stormy day... Here's the river through town a full three days after the flood waters crested. Thanks to my trusty, evil gas-guzzling, Ford Explorer XLT, and to Deb saying a prayer to St. Christopher we had no problem navigating across the washed out road. Just one of the joys of living in the Northeast!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Myth of the Ugly American

Following is the opening paragraph to an article that accompanied this picture:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Alarmed by the relentless rise of anti-Americanism around the world, a business-backed group is trying to change the behavior that spawned an enduring stereotype of Americans abroad -- loud, arrogant, ill-dressed, ill-mannered and lacking respect for other cultures."

If I'm not mistaken the "loud, arrogant, ill-dressed, ill-mannered" and behavior "lacking respect for other cultures" being displayed in this picture isn't exactly being displayed by Americans. However, one can gather from the quote below that whatever insult or injury other cultures and countries would like to inflict on the U.S. (flag-burning, kidnapping and beheading U.S. Citizens, dragging the mutilated remains of U.S. servicemen around, flying planes into civilian buildings, etc.) are justly deserved by Americans. The article quotes Mr. Keith Reinhard, Business for Diplomatic Action Inc. (BDA), as saying:

"our collective personality is one of the root causes of anti-Americanism."
I have traveled extensively, overseas: Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, England, Poland, and Italy, and am usually met with the courtesy and respect that my behavior deserves (Except for once in Ireland in 1992 when a gentleman from Dingle complained that "the U.S. was able to get Iraq out of Kuwait, why couldn't we do the same for the North?"). I suspect that nowhere is anti-Americanism more prevalent than at Business for Diplomatic Action Inc. and CBS news (even with Dan Rather gone).

I'm just wondering why, when we are a country so filled with loud, ill-dressed, and ill-mannered people, we have 12,000,000 illegal aliens clamoring to stay? Please note that I am by no means including these 12,000,000 illegal aliens in the group of people exhibiting the offensive behavior mentioned above. As demonstrated by the mass gatherings of these illegal immigrants, in recent weeks, all other cultures are clearly more refined and humble than our own. If I hear of one more person describe Americans as "loud, arrogant, ill-mannered, ill-dressed," or "lacking respect for other cultures" I'm going to softly, and in a very diffident, polite (and well-dressed) manner kick his sorry sed (see the Latin translation) back to whatever third world latrine he came from.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here's a picture of my brother and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas is on the right). For those of you interested, I also have a picture of my brother and Pope John Paul II. Yeah... he gets around.

Monday, May 08, 2006

“Flight 93” Is it too soon?

On June 25, 2004 Michael Moore’s anti-American propaganda film, “Fahrenheit 911” was released in movie theaters all over the United States. I don’t recall anyone asking the question “is it too soon,” then. It “stirred debate,” was “controversial, and "thought provoking” as well as less palatable than raw sewage, but never too soon . Now, two years later, with every media mention of the film “Flight 93,” we’re left with the final musings of the commentator… “But is it too soon ?”

What about “Flight 93” makes it too soon whereas “Fahrenheit 911” (issued almost two years earlier) was lauded and honored by media and entertainment types across the board? I guess for the John Kerry, George Clooney, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins types it’s never too soon to exploit a human tragedy for political gain, as did Michael Moore, with his flick in 2004. However in the collective opinions of these same mental giants it might be too soon for a movie like “Flight 93.” Besides lacking the incompetence and paranoia, not to mention the necessary political bias of the “Fahrenheit 911” film producer, the producer of “Flight 93” simply tells the story of how some individuals acted when confronted with terrorists threatening their lives, and their country.

I guess it comes down to that… individuals acted. Individuals acted without prompting from the news media, from their legislators, or from those oh so revered entertainers. While it may not be the intention of the film maker, it is possible that “Flight 93” has the potential to inspire admiration for not only the passengers of Flight 93, but for the men and women who are currently fighting against terrorists in Iraq and in Afghanistan? It has the potential to remind us of that great American value; individual responsibility to fight evil. Might the masses who choose to see the film have (“gasp!”) an emotion or thought that has not been generated or sanctioned by the liberal media?

Too soon ? I think it’s long overdue.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The DaVinci Code Controversy...
The following was contained in a note sent by a friend. I'm not sure who the originator is, but it sounds like a good idea. I would only add that if you opt for the fourth choice, try to make it a theater that ISN'T showing the Da Vinci code. I also add that I'm not a fan of the "Over the Hedge" type movie, as it usually involves some pretty raunchy "humor." "Poseidon" opens up the week before the 19th, and if you've ever seen the original this promises to be a great re-make.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAY 19TH? May 19th is the date the Da Vinci Code movie opens. A movie based on abook that wears its heresy and blasphemy as a badge of honor. What can we as Christians do in response to the release of this movie? I'mgoing to offer you the usual choices -- and a new one.

Here are the usual suspects:

A) We can ignore the movie...
The problem with this option: The box office is a ballot box. The onlypeople whose votes are counted are those who buy tickets. And the ballotbox closes on the Sunday of opening weekend. If you stay home, you havelost your chance to make your vote heard. You have thrown your vote away,and from Hollywood's point of view, you don't count. By staying home, youdo nothing to shape the decision-making process regarding what movies willmake it to the big screen.

B) We can protest...
The problem with this option: It doesn't work. Any publicity is goodpublicity. Protests not only fuel the box office, they make all Christianslook like idiots. And again, protests and boycotts do nothing to help shapethe decisions being made right now about what movies Hollywood will make inthe next few years. (Or they convince Hollywood to make *more* movies thatwill provoke Christians to protest, which will drive the box office up.)

C) We can discuss the movie...
We can be rational and be ready with studyguides and workshops and point-by-point refutations of the lies promulgatedby the movie. The problem with this option: No one's listening. They think they knowwhat we're going to say already. We'll lose most of these discussionsanyway, no matter how prepared we are, because the power of story alwaystrumps the power of facts (why do you think Jesus taught in parables?!).And once again: rational discussion of history does nothing to affectHollywood's choices regarding what movies to make.

But there's a fourth choice. On May 19th, you should go to the movies. Just go to another movie. Save the date now. May 19th, or May 20th. No later than Sunday, May21st -- that's the day the ballot box closes. You'll get a vote, the only vote Hollywood recognizes: The power of cold hard cash laid down on a boxoffice window on opening weekend. Use your vote. Don't throw it away. Vote for a movie other than DVC. Ifenough people do it, the powers that be will notice. They won't have achoice. The major studio movie scheduled for release against DVC is the DreamWorksanimated feature Over the Hedge. The trailers look fun, and you can takeyour kids. And your friends. And their friends. In fact, let's all go seeit. Let's rock the box office in a way no one expects -- without protests,without boycotts, without arguments, without rancor. Let's show up at thebox office ballot box and cast our votes. And buy some popcorn, too.

May 19th. Mark your calendars now: Over the Hedge's opening weekend. Buy a ticket. And spread the word. Forward this e-mail to all the Christians in youraddress book. Post it on your blogs. Talk about it to your churches. Andlet's all go to the movies.

To read more on The Da Vinci Code, see:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Global Warming Warning...
You may or may not already be aware of the very real danger of global warming.

Are you scared?

Scientists predict an increase of 10 degrees F, around the equator, while the poles will get colder.

Are you scared?

What is the effect that this will have on our agriculture and economy??

Are you scared?

Well, we probably won't suffer any effect (those of us who choose to vacation on Earth, this year), since it's happening on Jupiter. I wonder if it's the SUVs or the Oil companies that are causing the global warming there?

See the following link:

True Story:

My father and mother live in Ireland. My father wanted to take some money out of his savings account, so he called his bank. The following conversation took place:

TELLER: Hello?

DAD: I'd like to transfer some funds from my savings account.

TELLER: How much?

DAD: (unspecified amount)

TELLER: And what do you propose to do with this money.

DAD: I'd like to put it into my IRA accout.

TELLER: What!!?

The following quote was passed on to me by a client. It was from a speech his son gave. I love the irony.

"We all have the opportunity to feel horribly inadequate, but thankfully through a very specific combination of confidence, ability, skill, and delusion we have the equal opportunity to feel otherwise." [JA CASTANEDA]